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Each year, 5 (people) 1st class, 5 (people) 2nd class, who studied at the Vocational Schools Equestrian and Trainer Program by the Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK), who have the potential to serve the sector after graduation and who have the criteria Educational Support will be provided to 10 students, provided that they are not less than thirty percent (30%) of the minimum gross wage until the end of the academic year. Student scholarship score will be calculated by taking 60% of the student success grade, 20% of the socio-economic status chart score and 20% of the interview score. In order for the said Education Support Payments to be made in the 2020-2021 academic year, students must fill in the attached forms and apply to Akçadağ Vocational School with the necessary documents stated below until the end of the working day on 27.11.2020.

List of Required Documents

………………………… .. Vocational School and Jockey Club of Turkey scholarship application form

Letter of Commitment (The letter of undertaking regarding the cancellation of the scholarship if it is determined that the students who have received Educational Support will accept and undertake to receive educational support depending on the conditions and periods specified in the protocol, that they have not received a scholarship from elsewhere and that they have received a scholarship)

Passport photo (1 piece)

Photocopy of Identity Card

Certificate of Identity Registration Sample: A population registration sample containing the information of the student and all family members (can be obtained from any Population Directorate.)

Criminal Record Record: The Criminal Record Record can be obtained online with an e-government password or by a student from any courthouse.

Approved documents showing family income: a copy of the payroll of the mother and father, a copy of the income tax return for self-employed people, a document showing the monthly salary for retirees, and a document from the Social Security Institution for non-income parents indicating that they are not registered (not working) on behalf of the mother or father. is required to be evaluated by the commission. It is important to send both mother and father documents.

ÖSYM result document for 1st year students, transcript for 2nd year students,

SGK breakdown (student will not be working)

 Bank receipt including IBAN number

Students Who Cannot Benefit From Education Support

Students working in SSI or Government Official status and students enrolled as second university cannot benefit from educational support.

The education support of students who lose their right to be a student, do not provide the obligation to attend, change the program or commit any disciplinary offense is cut off. The relevant educational support is transferred to the student in the reserve list and is notified to TJK in writing by the Vocational School.