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Laborant ve Veteriner Sağlık Programı

General Information

The purpose of the Laborant and Veterinary Health Program; A medical laboratory in its field, sensitive to the conditions of the modern world and country, keeping the national culture and values alive in the awareness of Atatürk's principles and reforms, aiming to serve the country, nation and human family, based on universal science and education in veterinary medicine and health sector, combining theoretical knowledge with practice Knowing operating-hardware systems, technologies and materials, using these technologies efficiently and effectively, fulfilling the professional requirements of the profession in these processes, preparing the necessary products, providing the results effectively, contributing to the development of veterinary health and laboratory standards and to increase the quality of life To train professionals who perceive problems in their field, produce solutions, have analytical thinking skills, teamwork and a sense of responsibility.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of Laborant and Veterinary Health Program can work as assistant technical personnel in private veterinary hospitals, clinics and laboratories as well as in many related institutions within the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. In addition, they can find a place for themselves in private farms or as an assistant in poultry, cattle breeding (meat-milk), sheep breeding enterprises and feed industry.

License Departments for DGS Transfer

Graduates of Laborant and Veterinary Health Program have the opportunity to transfer to Biology, Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Animal Production, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Agricultural Biotechnology, Veterinary and Animal Science programs with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS). Thus, they can obtain a bachelor's degree in addition to their associate degree diploma.