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Computer Programming Program

General Information

Purpose of Computer Programming Program; To raise qualified individuals who will work in the information sector, who know technology, who can transform knowledge into production, who can carry out applications and activities in the field by thinking analytically, who can take responsibility, who can develop themselves socially, who have effective communication skills, who have acquired the competence of learning by understanding the vision of lifelong learning and thus constantly improve themselves. .

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Computer Programming Program graduates can work as a computer programmer or computer technician in public institutions and private sector. In addition to this, the graduates of the program are computer programmers, system support personnel, computer instructors, software experts, software testers, application programmers, network supervisors, analyst programmers, technical consultants, web designers in the software or information processing departments of companies and companies in the IT sector. programmer, software coordinator, data preparation and control operator and project manager.

License Departments for DGS Transfer

Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Technology and Information Systems, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Computer and Software Engineering, Computer-Informatics, Information Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies, Industrial Engineering, graduates of Computer Programming Program They have the opportunity to transfer to undergraduate programs in Physics, Physics Engineering, Statistics, Statistics and Computer Science, Control and Automation Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics-Computer, Meteorology Engineering, Space Engineering and Software Engineering. Thus, they can obtain a bachelor's degree in addition to their associate degree diploma.