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Equine and Coaching Program

General Information

The Equine and Trainer Program is to meet the needs of manpower that can meet the needs of the horse riding sector of our country, who are knowledgeable in their field, who comply with the rules of professional ethics, and to train successful students who are committed to their profession; To ensure that its graduates are able to work at all levels in the fields of employment and become professional citizens.

Employment Opportunities for Graduates

Students who graduate from our program can take part in public institutions (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises), the Jockey Club of Turkey, the Turkish Equestrian Federation, private stud farms and other private equestrian enterprises.

License Departments for DGS Transfer

Graduates of the Equine and Trainer Program have the opportunity to transfer to Veterinary and Animal Science undergraduate programs with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS). Thus, they can obtain a bachelor's degree in addition to their associate degree diploma.