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The first settlement in the Akçadağ region was BC. It started in the 11th Bronze Age and continued in the Late Hittite, Roman and Byzantine periods. Akçadağ Höyük located in the district center of Akçadağ where these periods were experienced in the region, and Ören Höyük located in Akçadağ town and the second ones located on the road to Akçadağ Ören towns were determined by the surface studies carried out in the mound. Our district preserved its place in the Ottoman period and raised horses and grain for the Ottoman army within the framework of the Hamidiye Regiments that Sultan Hamid formed in Eastern Anatolia.

Akçadağ was organized in the present Levent subdistrict around 1850 in the Ottoman period, and in 1858 the district center was transferred to Arga.

Akçadağ, which was the district center of Malatya during the Republic period, was 37 km from Malatya. Between 850 and 1660 altitude in the west and north west, Malatya central district in the east, Yesilyurt and Doğanşehir district in the south, Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş province in the west, Darende and Hekimhan districts in the north.

Sultansuyu Stud Farm

Sultansuyu Stud Farm, located within the borders of Akçadağ district, is located in Sultansuyu valley on Malatya-Kayseri highway 27 kilometers west of Malatya. The enterprise was founded in 1865 under the name of Sultansuyu Çiftlikatu Hümayun, renamed Hara in 1915 and Sultansuyu Stud in 1928. It has been operating within TİGEM since 1984.

Hara, being famous for its purebred Arabian horses, also provides support to the local farmers in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry. There is the opportunity to have a picnic and rest in the Sultansuyu Dam and its surroundings, near the Sultansuyu Stud Farm, where purebred Arabian horse breeding and cattle breeding activities are carried out.

Levent Valley

There are extremely interesting geological formations, cliffs and caves in the 28-kilometer-long Levent Valley, which is shown among the interesting natural areas in the world with its geological features and where there are ruins from the Neolithic age.

The valley, which has a unique view, also allows people to rest. The valley, which has a different structure with its geological appearance, is seen as a stopover point by nature lovers who want to get away from the stress of urban life. The valley, which hosts picturesque landscapes in autumn, offers visitors the opportunity to relax in a unique landscape and is an indispensable place for photography enthusiasts.

Since 2014, Malatya Photography and Cinema Art Association (MAFSAD) has been organizing "International Malatya Photocamp" for the promotion of the city and Levent Valley in the valley, where various activities are held. Thanks to the event, many photographers from Turkey and abroad come to the valley and camp. The camp, where the unique beauty of the valley is photographed, is also promoted.